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Bangor ME 04401
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Quote Number QUO-0001
Quote Date December 6, 2023
Valid Until December 20, 2023
Total $50,111.07

23 Savage st Bangor ME 04401

Phone number 5167211589

Install a new dormer out back consisting of finished bedroom and finished bathroom. Bathroom will have a new tub, toilet and vanity sink combo. Five window two for bathroom and three for the bedroom.

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Install new floor joist Labor

Removing old floor broads. Once floor broads are removed we can then install the new LVL joist. Then install new T&G Advantech. Glued down to the joist and fastened with ring shank nails.

1 Frame wall and rafters Labor

install walls that are 2x6 framing 16" OC Trusses will be 2' OC. Double top plate and single bottom for wall. 2x6 king and jack studs and window sill will also be installed at this time but Window RO will not be cut open till windows come in! Depending on the cost of the trusses this price does not include cost of the rafter .

1 Sheathing for roof and exterior wall labor only

Roof sheathing will be 5/8 T&G zip roof with zip roof tap for all seams. Wall sheathing will be 7/16 T&G zip wall plywood all wall seams to be tapped with zip tap all sheathing to be installed with a appropriate size ring shank nails

1 Siding

All vinyl corner, undersill, jay channel, f channel and vinyl siding will be install to manufactures recommendations. color to match existing house.

1 Shingle install on roof

Install shingles on remainder of exposed roof. Step flashing will be installed up left side of dormer. install flashing in 8' or 10' foot section along the front eave roof line where dormer and under window wall comes down and meets roof eave.

1 Plumming

Pluming will be installed for new bathroom for toilet, tube, and vanity sink combo.

1 Electrical

Will wire up new walls and bathroom with fan. Smoke and Co combo

1 Insulation labor and materials

Will insulate with rockwool comfort bat insulation. Rockwool r-23 r-30

1 sheetrock wall and ceiling on new walls materials and labor

All new bedroom walls and ceiling will get 1/2 inch sheetrock greenboard sheetrock for bathroom walls and ceiling. All corners and seams will be tapped and mudded with joist compound and sanded down with a festool sanding wound and will need to take 3 costs of compound.

1 Paint bedroom walls and bathroom walls

Paint both rooms color of the owners choose. Ceiling to be white for both rooms Behr

1 Harvey's Window labor

Install new Harvey's windows. 1- 3multi unit, 1- double unit, 1 - single unit all to be double hung sealed and insulated

2 Interior doors

Install interior doors 6 panel pine jams left hand inswing. James will be painted color of owners choose. If owners want door stained then it will be a added cost.

1 Material's

Windows, Doors, Lumber for walls and roof, zip wall and zip roof plywood for walls and roof, LVL for new joist, Bran broads, Advantech plywood for both rooms, A allowance for floor i joist package for materials for in bathroom, all screws and hangers needed.

1 Demo and cut dormer hole labor

Demo outers wall in up stars and remove of all debris, stripping wall and ceiling down to bar framing then to cut a hole in roof where needed to the framing of new walls and roof for the dormer

1 Bathroom Tile floor install
1 Floor bed room

Install super broads and or bran broads over plywood for bedroom floor

1 Soffit and fascia

Install new fascia and soffit

Sub Total $49,848.07
Tax $263.00
Total $50,111.07

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